Robin Gwynn

Senior International Advisor Robin Gwynn was, until early 2014, a senior diplomat with 25 years’ experience in the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

African PRRobin has extensive experience in Africa, including postings in Kenya, Ghana (as Deputy High Commissioner) and Nigeria (as Head of the UK Mission in Lagos). Most recently, he held the post of co-Director for Africa at the FCO in London, followed by undertaking a review for UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) of commercial opportunities and of the British government’s trade network across Africa. He has also previously been Head of the FCO’s East / West Africa Department, at a crucial time for the region (2005-08).

Robin has twice been appointed as a UK-based Special Envoy, working jointly with DfID in both roles. From 2012-13, alongside being co-Director he was also UK Special Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan, when he led Britain’s effort to bring to fruition the peace process between the two states. Previously, he was UK Climate Envoy for Vulnerable Countries (2008-10). Earlier, he served as Private Secretary to various FCO ministers covering Africa and trade.

Robin Gwynn’s connections, his diplomatic expertise, and his up-to-date and detailed understanding of key African political and development issues makes him uniquely suited to working on Chelgate’s projects in Africa.