Election Competition – And The Winner Is…

Thanks to all of you who entered the Chelgate Election Competition

We don’t often do promotions here at Chelgate – we like to let our work speak for itself. But there is one promotion we have been running almost since the beginning: our general election competition.

At each and every general election, we ask our clients, our contacts, our friends and even our competitors to predict the outcome of the election. The most accurate seer is rewarded with a case of champagne.

This year, we asked entrants to guess:

  • Who would win the most seats
  • Whether we would have a minority, a coalition, or a majority government
  • Who would be the next Prime Minister
  • Whether Nick Clegg would keep his seats
  • How many seats the SNP would win
  • Whether the party with the most seats would also win the most votes

A case of champagne is clearly a big draw – we had a good number of guesses from people across a range of professions. One of our entrants even predicted Alex Salmond would be PM!

Well, the votes are in, and the polls were wrong


The pollsters were perplexed. The pundits were puzzled. The punters were punished.

And it’s true: most of those who entered our competition got it dead wrong, too. In fact, no one correctly guessed that the SNP would win more than 55 seats.

But three of our contestants clearly have a gift, and managed to get every other question right.

As with the race for Downing Street, though, there can only be one winner. So it went down to the tie-breaker: predicting the margin of victory.

The Tories beat Labour by 1,987,272 votes. Our winner guessed the margin would be 1,950,000 – a truly Nostradamus-like knack for knowing the future.

So, congratulations to our winner: David Banfield, of Redrow plc

Election Winner

David popped by our office to receive his well-earned prize from Terence Fane-Saunders, Chelgate’s Chairman

Congratulations to David, and many thanks to all of you who gave it a go.

As the new parliament sets to work, we’ll be watching all the latest developments, and gazing into our own crystal ball. We’ll make sure keep you abreast of our observations and predictions.