Opinion Battlegrounds

Opinion Battlegrounds – from international strategic issues management specialists Chelgate Ltd.
In each episode we apply a magnifying glass to this week’s great debates. We consider the arts of persuasion, discussing the techniques and strategies, failures and successes, fought out across the charred, smoking battlegrounds of the war of public opinion. Who won? Who Lost? Who persuaded you?

It won’t matter if we agree with the arguments being made or disagree. It won’t matter whose side we are on, or who we like or dislike.

For each episode, Chelgate Executive Chairman Terence Fane-Saunders will be joined by two or three expert guests to pick apart the battles for your opinion.


Our wonderful introductory music is with kind permission of the London Symphony Orchestra. It’s from Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf’s Double Bass Concerto, originally written in E flat Major but performed here a semitone lower. Rinat Ibragimov, the LSO’s principal double bass of the London Symphony Orchestra, together with Catherine Edwards.