Chelgate has unique experience in managing international PR campaigns and assignments. With a headquarters in London, offices in Bucharest and Brussels, and a carefully-selected network of global associates, we are able to operate in almost every major market in the world.

How we deliver

We never “shoe horn” a client into a tied affiliate or subsidiary. In each market, we select and work with the professionals best suited to a client’s particular needs. In some markets this means working with a variety of specialist associates, reflecting the different needs of our clients.

Unlike tied or wholly-owned networks, we don’t have to recommend a particular office regardless of skill or specialisation. We recognise that a client needing government relations services may not be best served by a consumer PR specialist, while a financial relations programme may require a different firm again.

Our experience of international markets means that we have a good understanding of the special needs of overseas firms wishing to do business in the UK and Europe, and today we are managing multinational communications programmes in Europe for both American and Asian companies.

Brussels and Bucharest

For more information about our office in Bucharest, Romania, please click here. For more information about our office and work in Brussels, please click here.