Chelgate 2017 General Election Competition

Don’t rely on the pollsters or the betting odds to predict the outcome of the General Election this year, here at Chelgate we’ve got a much better method of forecasting: the promise of champagne.

Chelgate 2017 General Election Competition

Another General Election and so another opportunity for you to enter the famous Chelgate Election Competition.  We want to know who is the most politically astute or at least the most clairvoyant among our many partners, clients, contacts, in fact anyone in the industry. The winner will be richly rewarded with a case of champagne, so the stakes couldn’t be higher!

We have been running this competition in various forms since 2001, but this year we are only asking three questions:

  1. What will be the working majority of the winning party (currently 17 seats)?
  2. How many Westminster seats will the Scottish National Party (SNP) hold after the election (currently 56)?
  3. How many seats will the Liberal Democrats (Lib Dems) hold after the election (currently 9)?

You can enter the competition here.