Chelgate Public Affairs Publishes Guides on ASSE & TAXE3


Our affiliate company, Chelgate Public Affairs has today published guides on two new special committees set up by the European Commission. These cover the Special Committee on Tax (TAXE3)Pesticide Authorisation and the Certification System for Aviation Security Screening Equipment (ASSE). They also recently published a similar guide on the Pesticide Authorisation (PEST) special committee.

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Special Committee on Tax (TAXE3)

During the EP mini plenary session of 14 March 2018 in Strasbourg, MEPs approved the composition of the new special committee on financial crime, tax evasion and avoidance (TAXE3). This special committee could have potentially wide-ranging legislative ramifications including and will seek to investigate, among other things:

  • The progress made by EU Member States in the fight against harmful tax practices allowing tax avoidance and/or tax evasion that are harmful to the functioning of the European Single Market
  • Evaluate the impact of VAT fraud and administrative cooperation rules in the EU
  • Contribute to the evaluation of tax evasion and tax avoidance related to the digital economy
  • Analyse and assess the third country dimension in financial crimes, tax avoidance and tax evasion practices, including the impact on developing countries

You can download our analysis here. TAXE3.Special.Committee.ExecSumm


Certification System for Aviation Security Screening Equipment (ASSE)

On 7 September 2016, the European Commission adopted a proposal for a regulation establishing a certification system for aviation security screening equipment (ASSE). The¬†proposal seeks ‚Äėto contribute to the proper functioning of the EU internal market and to increase the global competitiveness of the EU industry by establishing an EU certification system for aviation security equipment‚Äô. This system would be based on EU type-approval and issuance of a certificate of conformity by manufacturers, which would be valid in all Member States, according to the principle of mutual recognition.

The European Commission’s original proposal was not well-received by industry and it was hoped that the legislative dossier may be dropped. However, recent terror attacks in Europe have led to fresh calls, particularly within the EU Parliament and Council, for this legislative dossier to be concluded and its negotiations expedited.

The work of the EU Parliament over the coming year will be fundamental in shaping the final report which will be adopted by the EU Institutions. This report will now certainly be adopted, in some guise or other, and engagement with the Parliament is critical to ensure the report supports the business models of the Association’s membership. There are many positive proposals within the European Commission proposal which engagement with the Parliament and Council can ensure are eventually adopted.

You can download our analysis here. ASSE Report.TRAN.IMCO


Authorisation Procedure for Pesticides (PEST)

During the EP plenary session (5-8 February 2018) in Strasbourg, MEPs vote the mandate of a special committee to look into the EU‚Äôs authorisation procedure for pesticides (PEST). This special committee could have potentially wide-ranging legislative effects on the authorisation¬†procedure of both pesticides and chemicals. The special committee is composed of 30 members. Its term will be of nine months from its first meeting, due to take place in early March, at which time the committee’s Chair will be elected. The special committee has been given a broad mandate and will seek to investigate, amongst others:

  • the authorisation procedure
  • potential failures in the scientific evaluation and approval of substances
  • the Commission‚Äôs role in renewing the glyphosate licence
  • conflicts of interest in the approval procedure; and the role of EU agencies

You can download our analysis here. Special Committee PEST


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