Chelgate Local – Consultation goes contactless!

Contactless Consultation


As the building industry is looking at ways it can continue to operate through the coming months, our Chelgate Local division has assembled an engagement package that takes direct contact out of the process but still enables effective consultations to take place.

With most people confined to their homes, an effective campaign will be able to maximise outreach into the community and to engage hard-to-reach groups.

We have created a combination of measures to promote the consultation as widely as possible within the local communities. These include direct mail to their homes, providing multiple channels for responses, increased social media activity including advertising, and working with the media.

The process will now focus on accessible and interactive online engagement with consultees being able to ask questions, register for updates and provide feedback, but also using a variety of other features such as message boards, live sessions, video podcasts, live chat, call back, surveys and support buttons.

Get in touch!

If you want to get more details about the new Chelgate Local engagement package please get in touch with Mike Hardware on 020 7939 7989 or