Crisis Management

Chelgate provides clients with high level, discreet and effective crisis management on both a domestic and international scale. We also work with clients to prepare, test and practise relevant and realistic contingency plans before a crisis arises, or an issue turns sour.

For immediate urgent advice or assistance call us now on our 24 hour emergency line:

0207 9397 999

Chelgate’s great depth of specialist expertise in Crisis Management has been recognised by two of the UK’s leading insurance companies, who have retained Chelgate on an exclusive basis to provide Crisis Management support to their policyholders

Chelgate provides intelligence and advice, as well as urgent, round-the-clock support to clients facing acute issues or crises. We view crisis management is an advanced public relations discipline. It requires specialist expert understanding of the counter-intuitive dynamics that can apply during a crisis. Standard public relations processes just aren’t enough.

We provide two types of crisis service: crisis planning, to ensure that clients are resilient and ready to respond to intense, negative media attention; and crisis management assistance, for those already facing an acute issue or crisis, and needing urgent support.

All crisis activity comes under the personal supervision of Chelgate’s chairman, Terence Fane-Saunders, who is a recognised authority on the subject and has unparalleled experience handling crises and acute issues for a variety of clients large and small. Among Chelgate’s clients in crisis situations have been some of the world’s best-known multinational companies, as well as smaller firms, market-leading brands, educational institutions, care providers, professional bodies, not-for-profit organisations, political movements, overseas governments and distinguished individuals and celebrities.

Tracking an issue as it becomes a crisis

Not all crises spring from unexpected causes. Often a rumbling issue will gradually build to a point where it becomes a genuine crisis. Professional issues management techniques can do a great deal to limit and manage this risk. Effective issues management requires the ability to identify and track the evolution of issues affecting an organisation, and to develop and manage the corporate response. This complex task demands a range of strategic public relations disciplines. Chelgate’s strengths in top level corporate, government, financial, community and media relations, and its advanced skills in social media and online reputation management provide an important professional resource, which can be tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

This expertise has been recognised by three leading insurance companies, who chose Chelgate exclusively to offer selected groups of policyholders direct access, 24/7, to crisis communications advice and emergency support. Chelgate’s in-house facilities are also second-to-none. For example, within half an hour of a Chelgate client reaching our office recording studio, we can have a video and sound clip of the chief executive or company spokesman making a statement. Broadcasters will be able to download and use the sound clip at broadcast quality.

And for the general public there is the opportunity to see and hear from the source, without depending on media reports. The broadcast clips can be linked to constantly updated text, as well as downloadable photos, charts and background material.

Further details on our crisis management can be found on our dedicated website

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If you have a crisis or issue and need to talk to someone urgently, please call us now. We can be reached 24/7 on our crisis line: +44 (0)20 7939 7999. This line is permanently manned by senior executives who can give you sound advice, and ensure you get the help and support you need quickly.