Taking Control of the PR Narrative

We will help you to seize control of the PR narrative. ¬†Chelgate will ensure that you become¬†primary source of trusted information about these issues.¬† We will create a powerful flow of accurate, timely, informative information, comment and background for the global media, and for other key audiences ‚Äď political, diplomatic, institutional (NGOs etc.), challenging and correcting false information.

One Month Emergency Programme:

Designed to challenge and begin to dismantle the hostile propaganda that’s directed at an individual or organisation.

Capacity Building:

Designed to shape international opinion and understanding well into the future.


Arrange to travel to destination, and will remain there for a minimum of two weeks, working to put in place the vital structures and professional foundations for this programme.

Global Outreach:

Chelgate is fortunate to have powerful and extremely well-placed associates in New York and Washington with direct reach to the very highest levels of government and media.  At an appropriate stage, we would also be happy to work with these associates to initiate additional initiatives geared to the U.S audience.

An Emergency Initiative:

An emergency initiative to counter hostile and false information and comment, and to shape international understanding about current developments.