How Westminster Really Works

Chelgate offers expert advice so that our clients can have a greater understanding of government relations and how Westminster works. We offer fully personalised and individually tailored political training service to introduce you to Parliament, Whitehall, local authorities and the EU. Training can include interactive presentations on the workings of the Houses of Parliament, the civil, the EU and its different tiers and local government. We provide analysis and insight into the top issues that affect you, and how Parliament reacts to current affairs.

Our public affairs experts can guide you through a targeted stakeholder map, and advise on the best methods of communicating with decision-makers and give guidance on political strategy tailored to your specific needs. We can focus on specific agendas, political parties, government departments or regional administrations to suit your requirements.

Additionally, if you have been summoned to appear before a select committee we can offer training and advice prior to your appearance. Chelgateā€™s senior public affairs team can offer you select committee training to prepare you and your organisation for this potentially difficult experience.

We can give you briefings and advise on strategy and tactics going into the committee hearing, and media and other follow-up activity coming out of it. Among the services offered here, Chelgate can:

  • Provide analysis and briefing on the political context of the inquiry
  • Analyse previous hearings or other relevant inquiries
  • Provide full biographical information on individual committee members
  • Provide strategic analysis of the different approaches of each member of the committee
  • Develop and advise on your strategy and key messages for the inquiry
  • Draw up lists of likely questions to be asked and advice on the best way to response
  • Liaise with the clerk of the committee and other select committee staff on your behalf
  • Provide full rehearsals with Chelgate executives with full analysis and feedback on performance
  • Attend the committee with you on the day providing advice where possible, and advise on follow-up activity
  • Draft written submissions, appropriate correspondence and detailed follow-up material for the committee

A bad appearance before a select committee can cause irreparable damage to an individual and their corporate reputations. Chelgateā€™s training programme will mitigate this risk and help to put you in a position of strength going into this difficult situation.

Our public affairs service can also be provided in tandem with our media training services to offer clients and overarching public relations training service.