Party Conferences

Party Conferences offer an unparalleled opportunity to understand and influence Government policy up to at least 2020, and possibly beyond. This year it also provides you with the ability to gain insight in to the risks and opportunities for your own business posed by Brexit.

You can put your case directly to those in power who decide, shape or otherwise influence policy that affects regulation, taxation, free markets, or even simply the tone of public debate. To have influence you need to plan, prepare, and understand your audience. Chelgate can provide you with insight and support based on years of experience. By understanding your goals we can help you make the most out of the time you invest in Conference season.

We offer a tailor-made service designed to help meet your organisation’s goals for Conference in a cost-effective manner.

Levels of service:

1) Producing a tailored Conference Plan, scheduling the most important fringe events for you to attend, providing briefings on sector specific issues and networking tips, and background information on MP’s and those with influence that you should meet. In doing so we make sure that your Conference activity is focussed and productive.

2) In addition, we can provide a series of follow-up 1:1’s following Conference season so that you and your company can build and mature those relationships that began at Conference.

3) Bespoke support for larger public affairs programmes can also be provided by Chelgate, including partnering for Fringe Events, and arranging a series of facilitated and targeted 1:1 meetings pre- and post-Conference to shape public debate.

4) Whilst attending conference can achieve some high profile ‘immediate’ results, the greatest impact in delivering your ultimate goal comes from a structured programme of activity. With our extensive Public Affairs experience we can offer a comprehensive programme, where going to one or more of the party conferences is just one of those activities, which will better deliver your strategic goals.

For all levels of service Chelgate executives will be on-hand at Conference to provide you with political advice and support, including facilitating specific introductions with key influencers.


What to expect:

  • Conservative Party Conference – This year’s Conservative Party Conference will be all about Brexit and the UK’s negotiating position. 20,833 laws need to be looked at and either confirmed, changed, or put to the sword under the Government’s ‘Great Repeal Bill’. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to establish your narrative before a future policy direction is established. All the decision makers will be in the same place at the same time.
  • Labour Party Conference – Despite leadership speculation and their current dire poll ratings the Labour Party are not a spent force in British politics. Labour still has the ability to influence the debate and apply pressure. This is especially important if the Government is going to be unsympathetic to your message or your approach requires a departure from current thinking. Also, useful to remember that the next non-Conservative administration will come from the current crop of Labour MPs.
  • Scottish Nationalist Party Conference – Not just the largest party in Scotland (and heading up the Scottish Government), but also the third-largest party in Westminster and a political force not to be ignored. Increasingly the Scottish Nationalists are putting pressure on Theresa May’s Government. Their ability to influence an agenda should not be assessed solely on their Referendum campaign.