Political Intelligence

Chelgate’s expert political intelligence and analysis team, drawn from across all political parties, is ideally placed to offer strategic advice on all areas of policy.

We can provide analysis and summaries of policy documents – Acts of Parliament, Bills, green and white papers – boiling down lengthy, often highly complex, almost incomprehensible documents into a short report with specific analysis on how your organisation will be affected. Our expertise extends throughout the UK political spectrum, whether it is local government or Westminster, and right across Europe and in particular, the European Commission and Parliament. We have offices based in Ireland, Belgium and Romania, as well as affiliates in many other European countries.

We will provide strategic advice on what steps your organisation needs to take, what tone to strike with policy-makers and in the media, and work with you to create opportunities for dialogue with decision-makers and stakeholders. This is fundamental to formulating an integrated public affairs strategy which will ultimately deliver your objectives.