Select Committee Training

Being summoned before a select committee can be a daunting prospect, particularly for those with no prior experience of giving evidence in a parliamentary setting.

Chelgate’s senior public affairs executives offer an individual select committee training service to prepare your organisations’ senior executives for this potentially difficult experience.

We can provide clients with prior briefings and advise on strategy and tactics going into the committee hearing, and media and other follow-up activity coming out of it.

Among the services we offer, Chelgate can:

  • Provide analysis and briefing on the political context of the inquiry
  • Analyse previous hearings or other relevant inquiries
  • Provide full biographical information on individual committee members
  • Provide strategic analysis of the different approaches of each member of the committee
  • Develop and advise on your strategy and key messages for the inquiry
  • Draw up lists of likely questions to be asked, and advise on how to respond
  • Liaise with the clerk of the committee and other committee staff on your behalf
  • Provide full rehearsals with Chelgate executives (and external media trainers if appropriate), with full analysis and feedback on performance
  • Attend the committee with you on the day, providing advice where possible, and advising on follow-up activity
  • Draft written submissions, appropriate correspondence, and detailed follow-up material for the committee
  • Provide an appropriate media programme to back up your appearance.

A bad appearance before a select committee can cause irreparable damage to individual and corporate reputations. Chelgate’s training programme will mitigate this risk and help to put you in a position of strength going into this difficult situation.