Public Relations

Chelgate offers and delivers high class creation and management of positive and productive relationships between an organisation and its principal publics.

At Chelgate we believe that corporate relationships are like other human relationships that can be created, shaped and nurtured in two different ways: by communication, and perhaps more important by behaviour.

An important part of our work at Chelgate is looking at the impact of corporate actions on key relationships. We can advise you what steps you may wish to take and advise what actions you may wish to avoid. Working with you, we devise patterns of corporate behaviour to which build, reinforce and sustain your corporate relationships.

We will work to improve both your internal and external communications, taking into consideration a range of different factors. We would undertake research to find out what others are saying about your company. This means you can hear what others are saying about your company and enable you to take the appropriate action to respond to their concerns.

We will also recommend an online public relations, as there is no doubt that the internet has changed public relations. The internet allows you to engage directly with stakeholders, creating a flatter, more democratic network of influence and information. Our online PR expertise will help you find your key targets online and engage with them directly in the spaces where they produce and share content, which will help your targets to help them find you.