Working At Chelgate

We’re always happy to hear from talented people who think they may have something special to offer at Chelgate.

Exceptional intellectual calibre is also another mark of a successful Chelgate executive. Chances are, this will be demonstrated by outstanding academic qualifications, but we do realise that there are some seriously bright individuals out there without the paperwork to prove it. So, if you think that applies to you, don’t feel you can’t apply.

Chelgate is a strategic PR firm, not a brand publicity shop. So your academic background and professional skills are more likely to be in areas such as Law, Politics, Defence studies, History or English, rather than suggesting Marketing & Sales related credentials. But proven writing skills will always be a central requirement for anyone joining the Chelgate team.Public Affairs London

A major part of your work may be in the Crisis and Acute Issues Management area, where Chelgate has huge expertise and experience. So your working day and working week may be quite irregular from time to time, and you may have to work under intense pressure, with absolute concentration and focus.

You may also need nerves of steel to circumnavigate Hector, the office dog. But these are the challenges which life at Chelgate throws at you.

If you think you have for a role here, send your CV, with a covering note explaining why we should choose you, to