Summit on Health and Social Care

Chelgate Deputy Chairman Nick Wood-Dow co-chaired the summit on Transforming Technology in Health and Social Care with Lord Hunt of Kings Heath on 10 December.

The summit was attended by 120 health professionals from the public and private sectors. It was organised by John Nassoori of Dods Parliamentary Communications, and featured guest speakers from within NHS England and other leaders of health informatics.Transforming Technology

The morning sessions focussed on innovation in delivering digital healthcare and clinical services, while the afternoon looked at examples of working together to drive efficiency and productivity gains, including best practice in South Wales and Dorset. Delegates also heard from the Directors of Innovation and Technology at NHS England.

There was broad agreement at the end of the summit that health and social care services, and their customers, will benefit from digital transformation, especially at a local level.

For more information on Chelgate’s experience in the health sector, or to talk about how we can assist you with your public relations or crisis management, please contact Nick Wood-Dow by email or on 020 7939 7939. Dods will be also running the event again in 2014, you can find out more on the website.