Energy and Utilities

Over the last 30 years, some of Chelgate’s most effective corporate PR and public affairs work has been undertaken in the energy and utilities sectors. We have an impressive record, working for the world’s largest oil company, the UK’s leading cable provider, the UK’s largest gas company, the country’s radioactive waste authority, one of London’s waste authorities, and on the UK’s largest renewable energy project, the Severn Barrage.

Our experience spans the breadth of the entire sector encompassing oil and gas, nuclear, renewables (wind, solar and tidal), waste, waste to energy, biomass, cable installation and shale rock exploration and hydraulic fracturing (fracking).

The work has varied considerably in nature, but almost without exception it has been managed in an atmosphere of intense public and media scrutiny, sometimes hostile, a highly charged and sensitive atmosphere in which the perceived activities of the organisations as much as their communications have had a direct bearing upon their reputations and market valuations. Recent decades have also witnessed a massive rise in the importance of an organisation’s environmental accountability or corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Our work has embraced contributions to legislation and select committees in the UK, wider political affairs work with the EU and Council of Europe, building alliances of interest, issues and crisis management, and contract bid support, as well as media relations, environmental consultancy, creative services, marketing support and digital services.

We have also undertaken significant planning support work surrounding energy projects. This has included political and community auditing, stakeholder engagement and community consultation work – further details of these services can be found on our Chelgate Local website.

For further information about our energy and utility public relations and public affairs services, please contact Michael Hardware on 020 7939 7989 or email.