Legal and Procurement

Chelgate has particular experience working in the procurement and legal PR sector of the construction and and property industries. This is a particularly complex element of the construction and property industries, and one which has, and continues to be, controversial.

Construction procurement has always been criticised for being adversarial and inefficient. The industry has been subjected to numerous reviews, such as Latham and Egan, and numerous reforms, such as project bank accounts.

Many new procurement routes have emerged and become popular, the most notable being design and build, and then the market changes and they become less popular, such as construction management. Although the industry has made huge strides, there remains the same pressures on clients, contractors and subcontractors: cost minimisation and profit maximisation.

Many of these new novel procurement routes, such as partnering and collaborative working, have been adopted by many clients, although when the industry goes into decline, clients tend to revert back to traditional forms of procurement as they are known, understood and trusted.

Chelgate has worked with companies and trade organisations during times of great change, providing public relations and public affairs services to promote innovation in procurement, supply chains and local procurement.

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