Media Relations

Chelgate offers a media relations service, which can suit your media relations need. We have a hugely experienced, professional team who frequently work with the media both online and off-line.

We can carry your stories to the media, or we can help you respond to difficult and sometimes unwelcome media attention. We know what good publicity is, and we know how to deliver it for you.

At the heart of our media success is the way we work with the media. We provide information which journalists value and is of real interest, and which, from our reputation they know to be true and accurate. However, we are aware that a good media strategy is only one aspect of an excellent PR strategy.

Our greatest experience is crisis management meaning that we have a special expertise in helping clients deal with potentially hostile media attention. This can be vital, as a single negative media report can undo months of good PR work.

Similarly, sometimes clients prefer to avoid a high media profile. This may not be the result of hostile media attention, but simply a matter of timing, or because they are working in an area where undue publicity may complicated delicate situations. But simply refusing to speak to the media may prove an ineffective, even damaging strategy. For these clients, Chelgate can help create an approach to media engagement which is non-confrontational and professional but does not support unnecessary or unhelpful media coverage.