Building Contractors

Building contractors and subcontractors have specific public relations requirements at different times in the construction cycle. Whether it is raising awareness to ensure you get on tender lists or presentation training to ensure you secure the project, we understand what you need, and we have over two decades of experience in providing these kinds of support to many of the industry’s leading organisations.

Corporate promotion

All contractors and subcontractors have to go through the often arduous tender process, but before that, they have to get on the shortlist in the first place. Most projects receive expressions of interest from numerous contractors interested in doing the work, and a typical short list would only include six companies.

We understand this process and how to raise awareness of your brand and reputation to ensure that your company is perceived in the right light, its past achievements are fully appreciated, and your reputation fully understood, giving you ample opportunity for being included on the tender list.

Once on the tender list, you will hopefully make the shortlist and will be invited to make a presentation. We can help you in devising that presentation, training staff that need assistance, and providing a constructive forum for you to practice the presentations, to ensure you have the best chance of being successful.

Once working on a project, we can also assist with providing public and community relations where a project requires. Our expertise in delivering community relations are award-winning, and range from newsletters and local meetings, through to manning help lines and handling difficult residents.

Marketing support

Although most contractors are very good at site profiling, many still fail to take the opportunities presented by a prominent site. We can help in ensuring full advantage is taken, ensuring your company name is prominent and visible to all passing public and traffic.

We can also assist with the various promotions associated with the contract which would benefit the marketing of your company, building reputation and awareness. These include the various events and ceremonies, such as ‘sod-cutting’, foundation stone laying, ‘topping-out’, completions and openings. We can assist in-house teams in approaches to these events, and assisting with organisation and project management. We have handled events involving most members of the Royal Family, various politicians, even including foreign heads of state.