UK Home Sales

Our executives have worked for many of the UK’s largest property developers and property agents for many years, marketing properties across the UK. These have ranged from multi-million pound Sir Terry Farrell designed villas in Regent’s Park in London to one-bedroom apartments in Kent, and from four-bedroom town houses in York to executive houses in Bristol. Our team consists of seasoned professionals, including a former property developer.

Our experience and expertise is such that one of our executives was seconded to the then fifth-largest housebuilder for two years as the head of external communications, handling all public relations supporting sales across the UK. Secondment is not unusual at Chelgate, with staff going to a number of leading organisations over the years.

Other executives have journalistic backgrounds, with an ability to identify news and feature stories which will achieve coverage in the media. For one leading housebuilder we undertook all of its consumer promotion covering nine regions, and an average of 150 current sites, for four years. Independent research confirmed that our efforts increased the level of coverage from by around 40 cuttings per month to over 200 per month within six months, and to a height of 472 cuttings per month after the first year, averaging-out at over 350 per month over the entire period.

Our range of services we offer is comprehensive, and includes:

Strategy and programme development (UK)

Chelgate has been involved in creating and implementing marketing strategies for UK P0000403properties for many years. We can provide marketing strategies specific to the development or property, whether it is a penthouse in prime central London or family homes in the Midlands, designed to raise profiles and increase footfall on sites.

Creative services

We will help you create a brand identity for your development, and then ensure it is projected through your marketing materials. This could include design of sales brochures, sales website, videos, exhibition stands and other collaterals.

Marketing collaterals

We can also assist in the conception of these, and in project managing and sourcing the production. These include brochures, leaflets, advertising, exhibition stands and other collaterals.

Media relations

We have a very strong track record of media relations across local, regional, national and international media. We will identify stories about your development and properties for the media, which we will then discuss with them. These would include devising features for journalists as well as providing material for features, property showcases and general property round-ups. We are speaking to the key property journalists every day so we know what they are covering and we know what they want.


We can also assist with face-to-face marketing activities such as site launches, phase launches, sales seminars, property exhibitions and other events. This can range from organising the entire event, including marketing and promotion, through to simply giving advice as to how to get the best out of the activity.

Internet presence

The internet is the main research tool for people looking to buy property. If they hear of a property they are interested in, the next port of call will be a search engine. We will assist you in developing a quality website which is optimised to ensure your development and properties are on the first page of the search results. This can simply be providing advice and assistance to your webmaster, or we could design, develop, upload and maintain your website for you.

But internet presence is not just about a good website, it is also about being visible in the social and professional networks where prospective purchasers live. Networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn all have interest groups focusing on property or countries or regions. We will ensure that you are visible on these networks, and where appropriate, active contributors to interest groups, blogs and bulletin boards.

Online marketing

Once you have a quality website, traffic needs to be driven to it. We will assist in developing an optimised website and in being active on social and professional networks, all of which will drive traffic to your website.

In addition, if it is necessary, we can develop and implement online marketing programmes to drive and attract more traffic. These could include cost-per-click campaigns, banner advertising on selected websites and feeder and gateway pages.

Market research

Development marketing can sometimes require market research. We offer a full range of market research services including online, telephone, face-to-face, focus groups, workshops and seminars.

Some of these market polling and consultation tools can also be deployed during the planning process (see our planning services).